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If you love your music and are getting bored the the same old same old bands played on your local radio then check out the listings below, where you'll find free mp3 music downloads of exciting new bands currently breaking including bands from the UK

Rusko Everyday Netsky remix free mp3 download
Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix)

Part of the oroginal UK Dupstep revolution. With the scene now going somewhat mainstream Rusko takes things to another level
get the free download here

Young Prisms - Breathless

This is how this song leaves you from start to finish. From the moment the guitars kick in with a glorious wall of sound to the sudden sharp ending

Young Prisms free MP3 download

Atlantic records ones to watch plan B

Atlantic Records - 'Ones to Watch'

Lots of freebies from up and coming artists, featuring Plan B, Primary 1, Marina and The Diamonds and many more

lots of freebies from up and coming artists - get dowloads here



Twisted Wheel We Are Us

Saw these play live last year in a sweaty little pub in camden, all the passion of bands like 'The Clash' circa '77 or 'The Jam' in the same era. definately a band not to be missed live! get your free download here


Twisted wheel
beirut - my night with a prostitute from Marseille

Beirut - 'My Night With The Prostitute From Marseille'


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Very popular site. And good source of new music with lots of interesting remixes. If you subscribe you get a free daily download link via email to some great rare and remix tracks by great artists!
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Aomeba Music- Tons of Freebies!
Free Music downloads
from aomeba music
  aomeba records music site free downloads

Atlantic Records
'Ones to Watch'

lots of freebies from up and coming artists

  Foals total life for ever free mp3 download
Get your Free live coldplay album   Coldplay free download offer
LAST.FM music downloads
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Exciting New Band Twisted Wheel

Get your Twisted Wheel Free MP3 here
  Twisted Wheel free mp3
Exclusive unreleased tracks from Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails & Street Sweeper.
Free NIN / Janes Addiction downloads
  free NIN Janes AddictionDownload
Apache Beat 'Tropics' remix
New York Based band download here
  apache beat
Man known as Diplodicus Dj'd for MIA download here
  DJ Diplo
NIN 'The Slip'
Trent and the boys latest is free to download here
  Nine Inch Nails Free Download of The Slip Album
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Nine Inch Nails
'Lights over the Sky 'Tour EP

Martha Wainwright
Martha Wainwright - Free download 'Hearts Club Band'
plus 'Jesus and Mary' from her new album out on May 12th
  martha wainwright


Charlatans - you cross my path (single)

  charlatans free download you cross my path

The Verve

Verve demo - the thaw (single)

  the verve the thaw session free download mp3
Armor For Sleep   Armor For Sleep free single music download
The Truth About Heaven    
My Town    
Dream To Make Believe    
Patrick Wolf   patrick wolf free music single
The Magic Position    
iTunes   iTunes free mp3 music downloads
free UK + US downloads  
Every week the iTunes Store offers one or more free songs or shows for free download. Most are available for a week, some longer.  
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  eMusic 25 free mp3s introductory offer
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Trent Reznor of Nine inch Nails  
Nine inch Nails outspoken frontman Trent Reznor's collaboration with Saul Williams, 'The Inevitable Rise And Liberation Of Niggy Tardust', is available to download via for free from November 1.  
Mobius Band  
Hallie   mbius band free mp3s
Friends Like These  
The Loving Sounds of Static  
Starts Off With A Bang  
halophane   halophane free music download
When You Play  
Hang On  
fall to pieces  

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