Episode 6 The Girlfiend

the outsider episode from the OC season 1


"Your So Damn Hot" - OK Go listen/buy

scene: Ryan watches as Caleb's girlfriend emerges from the swimming pool.


"California" (opening titles) - Phantom Planet listen/buy

scene: Opening credits


"Wait For Me" - The Runaways listen/buy

scene: Luke visits Marissa and says he wants to get back together with her


"Disco Church" - The Faders

scene: Gabrielle, Caleb's girlfriend turns up at the Crab Shack and comes on to Ryan


"Break" - Palm Street

scene: Marissa comes to see Ryan at work, they go outside and she tells him that Luke wants her to get back together with him


"(More Bounce In) California" - Soul Kid #1 listen/buy

scene: Beach scene. Ryan and Seth riding along boardwalk. Marissa & Summer get burritos. Their paths collide. Ryan asks Marissa to Caleb's birthday party but Luke got there first.


"Do You" - User

scene: Summer tells Marissa that she's going to the party with Seth so that she can meet all the rich young men


"Hollow" - Tricky listen/buy

scene: Gabrielle makes out with Ryan in the pool house. Marissa and Luke make out at his house.

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