Episode 8 The Earth Girls Are Easy


"California" (opening titles) - Phantom Planet listen/buy

scene: Opening credits


"Warung Beach" - John Digweed listen/buy

scene: The first time this song plays is when the Range Rover pulls in to the gas station and Taylor and Summer use the restroom. The song continues as the gang chase a woman dressed as an alien who stole Taylor's purse. It is heard one last time at a warehouse where there is an alien rave party going on


"Smile Like You Mean It" - Tally Hall listen/buy

scene: Ryan, Seth, Summer and Taylor head out to Las Vegas for New Year's Eve. This track also features on Music From The OC Mix 6


"Desafinado" - Si Zentner listen/buy

scene: At the New Year's Eve Yacht club party Julie talks to Spencer about Bullit and Frank


"Dogzilla" - Dogzilla listen/buy

scene: This song plays at the alien warehouse rave when Summer and Seth are discussing important issues and get interrupted. Again, at the warehouse when Ryan and Taylor argue and finally at the end of the episode when Frank and Julie have a private conversation


"Something for Cat" - Henry Mancini listen/buy

scene: At the Yacht Club party Julie talks to Frank while Kaitlin talks to the two Princes. Kirsten confides in Sandy, and he thinks he recognises Frank

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