Episode 22 The Showdown

Marissa and Summer looking out from behind a tree


"California" (opening titles) - Phantom Planet listen/buy

scene: Opening credits


"But Then Again No" - Shout Out Louds listen/buy

Seth and Summer admit their transgressions to each other in the student lounge. Summer says that it shouldn't have to be so hard


"Hey Scenesters!" - The Cribs listen/buy

scene: Zach tries to tell Reed that he's quiting the comic, but she reminds him that he signed a contract and he could get sued


"The Party's Crashing Us" - Of Montreal listen/buy

scene: In the student lounge, Jess blocks Ryan's path as he approaches Marissa & then tries to make a move on him


"Cage That Tiger" - Soledad Brothers listen/buy

scene: At the comic book launch Seth makes a long speech, to bring it to a close Reed introduces Little Miss Vixen, Summer dressed in vinyl & brandishing a whip, who promptly steals all the attention.


"The Big Fight" - Stars listen/buy

scene: Julie waits for Caleb for a reconciliatory dinner, but the only thing that gets served up are divorce papers.


"Freight Elevator" - The Rogers Sisters listen/buy

scene: The comic book launch descends into total chaos - Seth tries to apologise to Summer (again!), Seth and Zach end up rolling around the store fighting, and Summer has to crack her whip to make them stop.


"Twenty Two Fourteen" - The Album Leaf listen/buy

scene: The song plays while Kirsten is drinking at a bar, she takes off the necklace Carter gave her and calls him to apologise while driving home drunk

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