Episode 23 The O. Sea

Summer being crowned at the O. Sea dance


"California" (opening titles) - Phantom Planet listen/buy

scene: Opening credits


"Dirty Lives" - Love As Laughter listen/buy

scene: At school Summer tells Zach and Seth that one of them is taking her to prom and they have to decide who. Later Summer tells them to flip a coin or something if they can't decide but they wait until prom night to finally flip the coin.


"Panthers" - Wilco listen/buy

scene: Ryan finds Marissa at school and accuses her of something happening between her and Trey while he was away in Miami


"Rae" - My Pet Genius

scene: Ryan finds Trey in a Chino bar, Trey tells him that Marissa can't hold her drink, that she came on to him on the beach and something did happen between them


"Antmusic" - Hyper listen/buy

scene: Summer and Zach arrive at the prom together and find Marissa standing alone who tells them that Ryan called and said he was sick - Summer's not having any of it!


"Cava Del Rio" - Senza listen/buy

scene: At the restaurant, Seth talks about his prom and teenage woes with George Lucas instead of discussing the graphic novel. Reed thinks the meeting is a disaster.


"Love For Granted" - Phoenix listen/buy

scene: At the prom, Zach keeps getting text messages from Reed about the Lucas meeting. Summer tells Zach that she understands that's where he wants to be and he should go.


"Nothing Like You And I" - The Perishers listen/buy

scene: At the prom, Marissa and Summer are now both alone without their dates when Summer is named prom Queen - but where is her King?


"Fix You" - Coldplay listen/buy

scene: At the prom, Seth rushes to the stage to apologise to Summer, they kiss and make-up, Marissa steps out for air and Ryan finds her just in time to apologise and ask for a dance. Meanwhile Caleb is sitting by the pool and has a heart attack. Kirsten gets the bad news.

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